Found October 12 - Present,  Maine Media Gallery, Rockport ME


Hiraeth 2017 Kingman Gallery, Deer Isle, ME
Momentary Certainties 2017 Pho Pa Gallery, Portland ME
Keepsakes 2016 Pascal Hall, Rockport ME
Origins 2016 Gallery 169, Santa Monica, CA


Frest Start Art Show 2018, Los Angeles
Fine Wine & Fine Books 2017 Minnesota Center for Book Arts,  
13th Annual National Alternative Processes Competition 2017 November 4, Soho Gallery, NYC. 
The Door Between, Book Arts & Historic Processes 2017 Maine Media Gallery,
Unspoken 2017 Pascal Hall, Rockport ME
Forsaken 2017 SE Center for Photography, Greenville, SC
Fall Line Fifty Photobooks 2017 Fall Line Press, Atlanta GA
23rd Juried Exhibition 2017 The Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester MA, 
Summertime 2017 A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX
Of Memory, Bone & Myth 2016 Colonel Eugene Myers Gallery, Grand Forks, MD,
A River Runs Through It, 2016 Keystone Gallery, Los Angeles, CA,
Earl with Mack 2015 A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX
Magic 2014 A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX



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Maine Media College, 2015,  Artist Interview


Fall Line Fifty Award for Best Photobooks, 2017  Just When I Thought I Had You
A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX 2014,  Jurors Award Magic