Sal Taylor Kydd

Sal Taylor Kydd

Originally from the UK, photographer and artist Sal Taylor Kydd earned her BA in Modern Languages and has an MFA in Photography from Maine Media College.  Sal has exhibited nationally, including shows at A. Smith Gallery in Texas, The Keystone Art Space in Los Angeles, Gallery 69 also in Los Angeles and the Pho Pa Gallery in Portland. 

Sal has most recently self published a book of poetry and photographs entitled Just When I Thought I Had You, and has authored and created a number of hand-made artist books, notably Cadence, Late Love and most recently Keepsakes.

Sal's artist books are represented by Priscilla Juvelis, Inc. She and her family reside in Rockport, Maine where Sal is on the board at Maine Media College.



My work is primarily an exploration of memory, how we preserve memories and how they shape our lives moving forward with sometimes illusory certainty.  It is also a reflection on time, and an examination of the fleeting moments where we behold change in ourselves and the world. For me the photographic object is a keepsake of our experience,  a way of recording discoveries that remind us of what we have lost and what we are attempting to preserve.

In my most recent work I have been looking at how memory shapes and distorts our understanding of what is real.  Specifically it is an exploration of truth through the lens of our relationships - how what we know to be certain about ourselves and the other, changes in the course of that journey. What do we keep for ourselves and what do we share? In a world where everything is shared and exposed, what is left that is sacred. 


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