Originally from the UK, photographer and artist Sal Taylor Kydd earned her BA in Modern Languages from Manchester University and has an MFA in Photography from Maine Media College.  Her fine art photographs have been exhibited throughout the country and internationally, including Barcelona, Portland, Maine, Boston and Los Angeles.

Sal is also a writer and poet, and has self-published a number of books combining her poetry with her photographs. Her books are in numerous private and museum collections throughout the country including The Getty Museum and in the Maine Women Writer’s Collection at the University of  New England. 

Sal’s latest artist book is The Call, is a hand-made letterpress book and her book of poems and photographs Just When I Thought I Had You, is now in available in its second edition. Sal’s books are represented by Patricia Juvelis Inc and are also available through Vamp and Tramp booksellers as well as from her website..



My work draws strongly on the landscape, focusing on my home, family and myself in conversation with the natural world.  It examines our relationship to nature and how our sense of place is embedded with personal history.  

I like to focus on the photographic object, the print, or the artist book, as a keepsake of experience. It provides me in a very tangible and tactile way of recording the discoveries and memories I am trying to preserve. Photographing gives me a way to capture my impressions and writing and making lets me distill and re-examine the experience. 

There is a tangible connection with nature and the natural elements that is brought into the work, which mirrors the content of the work. I am always looking for opportunities for discovery and serendipity.

This presentation was made at Pecha Kucha Night on April 13, 2018 at the Strand Theatre in Rockland Maine,


Recorded for Maine Media Workshops and College in 2015