Upcoming Exhibitions

Lots of exciting news to share this month.

March 9th - I’m off to the Manhattan Fine Press fair to show some books and meet fellow book artists from around the country. I’ll be taking Keepsakes and The Call and am excited to share them with some new folks.

March 23rd - Janus Rising has been extended to the end of March with a closing reception at 6pm at Gallery 169 in Santa Monica. LA folks who missed the first show do try and stop by and check it out.

April 13th - Janus Rising heads to Mexico where I will be showing for a month with my new gallery - San Miguel Photographic Gallery. This will be my first visit to Mexico so it’s a real treat as well as a wonderful opportunity to show in Jo’s cool new space.

April 26th at 6pm will be the opening for Kindred, a collaborative show with fellow artists Tobia Makover, Lori Vrba and Dawn Surratt in Savannah, GA. These women are all personal heroes of mine and it is beyond an honor to be included with them in this one night only, site specific installation.