North Haven

As part of our project around the islands of Penobscot Bay in Maine, I have been writing poems and photographing the islands together with fellow artist and painter Anneli Skaar.

North Haven was our latest adventure. We took the ferry across from Rockland the day after one of the heaviest snowstorms of the season. The ferry ride over there left quite an impression on me. We were one of a few handful of passengers, so different from the summertime. It was bitterly cold on deck and most of the seats were deserted. Just a few lone souls huddled in the bright light and cold wind. 

"The Crossing"

Arms hug across our chests
Like chilly birds we flap
to warm ourselves
against the wind
whipping at our faces.

The ferry groans and shifts
An old lady, she makes her way across
the bay, begrudging and proud
all together.

We sit on benches
watery eyes squinting at the cold.
Like hardy parishioners, 
embattled and determined,

Across the bay
the island sleeps
Waiting out winter's
crisp embrace, 
this haven is of
God's own making.

Still from the cacophony of
summer's voices,  
their lives go on in the
off season.
yet separate,
tethered by
this crossing
of the sea.