Sal Taylor Kydd

Sal Taylor Kydd


Originally from the UK,  photographer and artist Sal Taylor Kydd lived all over the world before settling in Rockport, Maine.  Sal specializes in alternative processes of photography to create Cyanotype and Platinum/Palladium prints.  She has most recently self published a book of poetry and photographs entitled Just When I Thought I Had You, and has authored and created a number of hand-made artist books, notably Cadence, Late Love and most recently Keepsakes.

Sal has exhibited nationally, including shows at A. Smith Gallery in Texas, The Keystone Art Space in Los Angeles, The Los Angeles Center for Photography and Gallery 69 also in Los Angeles.  She and her family now reside in Rockport, Maine where Sal has just completed her MFA in Photography at the Maine Media College & Workshops.

Sal's artist books are represented by Priscilla Juvelis, Inc.




With my work I am attempting to understand what defines our connection to the past and to the natural world, what ties us to a place and tethers us to what has come before. It is a reflection on time, and the fleeting moments where we behold change within ourselves and the world around us. It is also an exploration of memory and how we preserve memories; how the discoveries we make when exploring the natural world, rekindle the sense of wonder we remember from childhood.  The presentation of these moments, whether in print or book form,  preserves them, unique in their detail, universal in their underlying themes.  The photograph itself, the photographic object, is a keepsake of experience, a way of recording discoveries that serves as a reminder of what we have lost and are attempting to preserve.

I work in alternative processes of photography to produce platinum/palladium and cyanotype prints. With these processes, the element of time is not inconsequential,  it takes time to make a print, a process that gives opportunity for discovery and serendipity. It is a contemplative and mindful undertaking.  In each of the steps,  there is a tangible connection with nature and the natural elements brought into the print, which mirrors the content of my work. The artistry of "making" a photograph becomes itself an act of becoming and invention.



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